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Arabic could seem complex to you at first sight. As our tutors lead you to its basics and elevate you to reach the advanced level,
it turns easier. It’s the basis of the second-largest religion in the world, Islam.

Arabic Is Your Portal to the Past and the Future as Well!

For the economic growth the MENA region witnesses nowadays, Arabic is turning viral. If your business model is suitable to be applied in an Arabian market, it’d be perfect if you learned Arabic. This language also becomes an appreciated addition to resumes, which as a result creates new job opportunities. If you want to look deeper into Islamic heritage, Arabic is your effective route to truth and transparency.

With Moon Academy, Learning Arabic Is Pleasing

In our opinion, pleasure and learning are compatible. The student should enjoy learning so that they can benefit from it in life and feel content. Numerous activities involved in our learning processes can both enrich and shape your experience.


In the case of Classical Arabic:

Students will listen to recited Quran to determine the correct sounds of articulation and their positions.

In the case of MSA:

Students will listen to radio broadcasts and podcasts for basic topics related to daily life.


In the case of Classical Arabic:

Students will practice pronouncing Quranic vocabulary with regard to diacritics and their position in syntax.

In the case of MSA:

Daily life conversation, side talks, and serious negotiation are all included in the course.


In the case of Classical Arabic:

Our tutors teach you how to write letters to compose words. Here, you will know the syntax and morphology. 

In the case of MSA:

Tutors will teach grammar to be perfectly used in official letters, emails, service contracts, and more.


In the case of Classical Arabic:

Students will read from Mushaf to get used to Quranic writing. This qualifies them to learn Quran.

In the case of MSA:

Students will have entire classes that are inspired by newspapers, magazines, advertisements, etc.

Select the Arabic That Interests You the Most

According to your learning objectives, we’ll recommend the most suitable Arabic course. Moon Academy delivers the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Fusha course if you want to learn Arabic that you can use with Arabs in current days. Also, we deliver Classical Arabic, if you want to know more about Islam, Quran, and Sunnah.

We Deliver the Suitable Elements to Achieve Your Goals

Both programs have items that contain listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. The major difference between classical Arabic and MSA is the content itself. Classical Arabic focuses on Quranic vocabulary and the pronunciation of words to suit the distinctive nature of Quran. While MSA embraces the modern era and offers resources that facilitate verbal and written communication and help others understand you. 

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